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Maintenance Information

It is always recommended that users thoroughly inspect their machine prior to use. Please pay close attention to the following components:

Power Rod® Units
Disconnect the cables from the Power Rod® units when the Bowflex® home gym is not in use. Use the "rod binding strap" included with your machine to bind all the rods together.

Stand off to the side when connecting and disconnecting the Power Rod® units from the cables, do not stand directly over the top of the rods.

Keep your bench looking new by cleaning it with a non-abrasive cleanser after each use. Any non-abrasive household cleanser or soap works well. Do not use automotive interior cleansers which may cause surfaces to become too slick.

Aerobic Rowing
Ensure the locking pin for the sliding seat is fully disengaged from the rail by turning the locking pin 1/4 turn. At that point you will hear a click when the pin is locked into the free slide position.

Attachment Cables
Store the cables for the Lat Tower in the convenient storage slot located in the upper Lat Tower area. Storage maintains cable form and reduces the risk of possible injury or interference with other exercises of your routine.

Squat cables should be stored when not in use to reduce clutter and ensure a safe workout area.

D-clips are used to connect attachment cables to resistance. For best results, grasp the d-clip in the palm of the hand with your thumb operating the spring clip portion of the d-clip. This will help prevent finger pinching during the cable attachment.

It is also strongly recommended that you remove any resistance on the Power Rod® cable prior to making attachment cable changes. Relieving the resistance will prevent undue physical strain during the cable change process.

Lat Bar Storage
Make sure the lat bar is stored on the lat cross bar assembly prior to making any resistance changes. Removing resistance with the lat bar unsecured could result in the lat bar rapidly dropping to the floor in an unsafe manner.

Warning! Do not use your machine unitl you check pulleys, straps and handgrips for wear.Wear & Tear
Worn parts can give out suddenly under normal loads. Check the following parts carefully before using your machine.

Pulleys and J Bolts: Check the J bolts {Figure 1} and the pulleys {Figure 2}. Look for grooves or thinning of parts greater than 1/16 inch deep where they rub together. NOTE: It is normal to see the black paint rubbed off -- What you should look for is damage like the parts shown in the figures below.

If one or more of your pulleys or J bolts look like the parts in the figures, do not use your machine. Call us immediately at (800) 216-9028 for free replacement parts.

J bolt

Handgrips and Straps -
Check the stitching on all hand grips and straps for loose or missing threads. To know if the threads are damaged, pull on them.

If any threads pull loose, or if one or more of the hand grips or straps look like the one in figure 3, they are damaged. Do not use them. Call us immediately at (800) 216-9028 to order replacement parts.

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