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Read What People Have Told Us About Their Bowflex® Home Gym!

The statements below are from actual Bowflex® customers. Once you have had a chance to try a Bowflex® home gym for yourself, we invite you to share your Bowflex® experience with us, as well. For now, enjoy reading these real success stories from real people.

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I've had my Bowflex now for just over two months and in that period of time have gone from 221 to 196, lost 3 inches in the waist and have noticed a dramatic increase in strength. I am very satisfied and am recommending the Bowflex to everyone who is interested in getting in shape.
Barry E.
A little time is all that is needed to improve your health. I am a novice to weight lifting and I believe it was very easy to learn how with the bowflex. In the first 6 weeks I dropped 8 lbs and loss 11.5 inches. I completed week 15 on my 49th birthday. I'm happy to say 15 lbs lighter with a loss of 23.5 inches. I can now only see my body changing I can feel it too!
Karen S.
I received my Bowflex as a birthday present this past summer and love it. I am the type of person who prefers to work-out at home rather than traveling to a gym. I use it 3 to 4 times a week for 1/2 to an hour. I put on the radio and just start working-out without thinking about it. I am extremely satisfied with my "birthday" present.
Pam P.
Hi, My wife and I purchased a bowflex a year a ago and we love it. I can honestly say that it has shaped my body to almost perfection, wich I could not get at the gym,also I use the bowflex 3 or 4 times wkly for about 1 hour to increase muscle gain.
I am a disbeliever about almost everything. But then I called and ordered a BOWFLEX. Honey ,I lost 14 inches and 13 pounds on the 6 week program. I am a believer now.
Sunday L.
Hello. I am 20 years old and bought a Bowflex about 7 months ago. I have spent alot of hours on it and I am sure impressed with it. I enjoy all the different exercises you can do on it. I like how you can switch from one exercise to another so quickly. I would recommend this machine to anyone.
adam s.
I am a very skeptical person when it comes to advertisements, but I must say that after three months of my own personal training program I have went from a typical 42 year old couch potato/marshmellow to nearly looking like one of the guys in your commercials! WOW! With Bowflex and my own personal motivation I look and feel like I'm 20 years old complete with ATTITUDE! Absolute truth here--if I can do it believe me anyone can do it. When Bowflex is ready for the photo op, I'm ready!
Ron A.
Great piece of equipment. It delivers everything promised. A well made total gym that I would highly recommend for all levels of fitness training. I have used all types of equipment from the membership facilities to the home gym systems. The Bow Flex allows a high level of fitness available in the large gyms within the convenience of the home.
Peter A.
I have owned the bowflex for just over a year now and have lost 50 pounds. The machine fits well into my workout room and is one of the best purchases that I have made in my lifetime. I have suggested the bowflex to all of my friends which a couple have purchased one, and rave about the machine also.
Dean P.
I've had my Bowflex now for just three weeks and already can see my muscles changing, this gym really works just as Bowflex says it does, they give you 6 weeks to see if you like it, I made up my mind to keep it in my first workout, I lost 6 pounds in just three weeks with my Bowflex, I can't wait to see how my body will look in a year from now because I know there will be a big improvement.
Kevin D.
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