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Read What People Have Told Us About Their Bowflex® Home Gym!

The statements below are from actual Bowflex® customers. Once you have had a chance to try a Bowflex® home gym for yourself, we invite you to share your Bowflex® experience with us, as well. For now, enjoy reading these real success stories from real people.

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Wow if I could explain it in one word it would be exellent. when I got the Bowflex and started right away and it worked all of my muscles I didn't even know I had. Thanks Bowflex for this great machine.
Fernando V.
I have been on a diet and exercise program for the last seven weeks. This is my sixth week working with the Bowflex Power Pro XTL. My strength has improved and I have come down from 237 lbs. to 211 lbs. My energy is through the roof. Thanks Bowflex.
M. M.
My name is Janice Walker, and I have recently purchased the Bowflex Power Pro XLT, and I am thrilled with it! I've been on it three weeks now, and can already see, as well as feel a difference. I feel great! Thanks for a quality (and quiet) product.
Janice W.
I've had my bowflex three years now and been using it consistently three to five times a week, I know I'm stronger now than ever before. I just wish bowflex was around twenty years ago because I invested so much money on free weights and health club monthly dues that I never really used consistently. Thanks bowflex this is the best investment in fitness equipment I've ever made.
S. F.
I started out as a 22 year old, 6'7" 287 pound overweight computer nerd who never worked out a day in his life. After six weeks I lost a total of 33 pounds and went from a size 46 pair of pants down to a size 42. Everyone can not believe the difference they see and neither can I. Im not eating healthier and stopped going to get fast food and am almost never crave junk food anywhere. Not only that, but I have doubled my strength and my energy.
Travis D.
I'M SOLD ON BOWFLEX! I've been in the fitness business for over 20 years and this is by far the most effective (and safe) workout I've ever encountered. It's wonderful to have all the luxuries of a gym in my own home. It's compact so that it doesn't take up too much space and it's quiet and smooth. With it's versatility I'll be able to easily reach and maintain my personal fitness goals. THANKS!
Laura J.
Hello I'm bowflex owner. I had mine for 3 1/2 years. I went from 248 to 205. I recomend that everyone to get the Bowflex. One of my enployees buoght one after he tried mine. The Bowflex is a god gifting body machine you want.
Brendon W.
I lost 25 lbs. in the 1st 6 week period and a total of 19 3/4 inches off my body. I am truly happy with the results and am still working towards my goal of 10 - 15 more lbs. This has changed my life. My self-confidence has improved 100%. I don't feel so worthless and ragged all the time. I have so much more energy. I'm 27, have 3 girls; 8, 7, and 4. I used to weigh 176. Now I'm at 150 and feeling great!!! Thank you so much for helping to change my life!!!!
Sarah M.
I'm on week 6 and have lost 32lbs I'm 42 and weighed 272lbs and now I'm at 240lbs, my wife age 30 weighed 188 and is now 162 and wearing clothes that she wore 8 years ago. We are going to stick to the whole plan for another Six week period and I hope to be at 210lbs and really tone. This is the Best investment in ourselves that we have ever made. Thank Bowflex.
Russell S.
This machine is AWESOME! My husband and I love this machine, it gives you a total body workout. I used to hate exercising, now I am addicted to the bowflex. I highly recommend this machine to everyone. We can already see the difference that the bowflex has made. This is the best purchase we have ever made. Thank you for a great product.
Beverly M.
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